Oct 2nd~ Paul Collins Beat show at the Fun House


Saturday night my friend, Jordan, and I went to the Fun House to see the Paul Collins Beat, sometimes known as the American Beat, or just the Beat, or the reason the Beat what David and Roger were in are known as the English Beat.

The openers were the Greatest Hits who had a nice sugary pop sound. I’m not a huge fan of sugary pop, but Jordan was suitably impressed.

I missed La Sera as I was catching up with Cindy, who I hadn’t seen in about five years. Jordan said they were really good. “Very fun and very cute” he said. Sorry to Erik, who wanted a firsthand report.

In the last supporting slot were the Tripwires, featuring John Ramberd of the Model Rockets, John and Jim Sangster, and my pal, Mark Pickerel (Who I recently realized was the owner of Damaged Goods records in Belltown). They played some really good country/Americana influenced pop and all look really good which gives my aging ass some hope.

Paul Collins came on with a really talented group of younger guys and rocked the power pop. speaking of how cool I wanna be when I’m older, this guy can still move a crowd. So can Jordan, who forgets how fucking big he is. It was funny to watch the fifty year olds at the front have to hold themselves up as Jordan and the punk kids rocked around behind them.

Have I mentioned how weird it was to go to the Fun House and not know half the crowd? It was pretty bizarre. It was nice seeing Cindy and Brian, though.

I also bumped into Taylor from Shakes, and he tipped me off to them playing a house party sometime later this month. Watch their myspace for that.

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