Artist: Julie Ocean

CD: "Long Gone and Nearly There"


I may be required by one of the great, unwritten laws of the Universe to like any band who takes their name from an Undertones song.

Lucky for me then that Julie Ocean (the band) Does Not Suck. Nor does their 10 song CD "Long Gone and Nearly There". This is sweet catchy, hooky work laced with great harmonies, in a word (or two however you're suppose to count these things): POWER-POP. Not, pop punk but power-pop. These suitably short and punchy pieces bounce around your stereo and get wedged here and there in your noggin, just as good pop(ular) music should.

Ok, not every single song. This isn't some flawless master work of pop (like the first albums by the Knack or the Figgs), but there are some damn fine ditties here. There's a strong run from track 2 ("#1 Song", oddly enough) through track 5 ("Here Comes Danny", whether Danny is odd or not I don't know). "#1 Song" and "My Revenge" are my favorites on this disc, with "...Danny" coming in third. I really like "...Danny", I just can't help but think that referencing records and needles isn't going to win over "the kids".

But that may not be the point. Perhaps it's about winning over "the coots". Old late-thirties bastards (like my lonesome) who are feeling a bit nostalgic. Well, victory to Julie Ocean then.


Julie Ocean: